Podcast Library Strategy I must catch up: 2 Neuroscience and Behaviour and a very good defence provided by legal eagle Helen Kennedy

Current Count:(39 still but ploughing thru Becker plus Reader Writer Notebook )Books Current Read ( Becker Tricks of the Trade)
Paper/s Read (none but quality is all I think Sheepskin or Prozac LSE Chevalier and ? ) Podcasts listening/ed to ( 2 MIT OCW Neuroscience Lectures plus Helen Kennedy this morning whilst half asleep in bed)
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? ( )Library Books Due Date ( renewed I hope as I logged in)

The state of the Rule of law plus things impinging on its effectiveness or not like interest group based politics. maybe a rerun just for notes and citation then delete.
Very revealing. Definitely Uni public lecture fascinating stuff.

Neuroscience notes reflex and some part of the brain people round here are very depressed and I managed to Wish List Coursebooks. Some very interesting things for my science kick.

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