What I am doing today??

Current Count:(39 )Books Current Read (ibid )
Paper/s Read (none ) Podcasts listening/ed to (podcast download orgy at MIT OCW )
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? (4 due tomorrow )Library Books Due Date (Friday28 Sept 2007 )

  1. Got up 10:30am am I feeling the difference if I get up late?
  2. Breakfast/Lunch Quiche and Baked beans Tesco with 1 whole sliced cooked onion with garlic and chilli fresh.
  3. Coffee diluted with water as before.
  4. Twittered am events.
  5. Taking notes on God TV’s claims
  6. Typed out notes on Becker Reader Writer notebook on Google Docs.
  7. in kaftan rough and messy and small elephant dressing gown, slacking.
  8. looked outside and contemplated how rain creates privacy round here.
  9. J out also J and N
  10. read Weekly last night book reviews.
  11. mp3 players out all 3 ipod shuffle looks more attractive the more i look at it.
  12. researching god tv on israel pro zionist edition.
  13. pottering about wondering about solutions currently 2.
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