Further Reflections on What I did Today see Previous Post

Current Count:( 39)Books Current Read ( ibid)
Paper/s Read ( autodidact and ISER Papers Essex and other subjects) Podcasts listening/ed to (podcast free day)
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? (4 )Library Books Due Date (28 Sept 2007 )

  1. I am in very deep ‘research’ areas very deep.
  2. Reading is deep and serious renewed Library is 800 strong with at least that on Amazon Wish List.
  3. Suffering and Pain are emotional cost of reading Papers etc in situ and discovering revelatory conclusions.
  4. First Paper download and wander down Essex University Website serious stuff. a more confident tone in Paper downloads so look forward to roaming freely on Essex site and sussing out Research positions of the various Departments a KEY activity across ALL academic institutions particularly Essex.
  5. LSE is one of my most visited sites: thank God it is ‘open’ to quote Dad’s friend. A similar policy is most welcome in Uni’s across the land and right across the World!!
  6. I love my Podcasts Public Lectures, CONFERENCES!!, Courses!! even though they are a burden to me plus provide hours of stimulating food for thought. Proper Citation and notes are a must. Other forms of listening ie asleep??!! nocturnal nourishing??
  7. I give God thanks for it it frightens me he gives and takes away x2 when I have so little and need a YES World a FAN CLUB and co sponsors of my Dreams me and God together. I muck up Gods work and his partnership but I am a willing if inadequete conspirator in my Pictures ideas emails.
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