Book 40* Howard Becker ‘Tricks of the Trade How to think about your Research whilst doing it’ University of Chicago press

Current Count:( 39)Books Current Read ( Howard Becker ‘Tricks of the Trade How to do your Research..whilst doing it’) EDITED
Paper/s Read (none but downloaded some qaulity items ) Podcasts listening/ed to ( MIT Neuroscience I during Rest, Muslims and Cartoons Warwick (very good) )
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? ( 4 too many and pressurising )Library Books Due Date ( 28 Sept 2007).

I have started a new thing a Reader Writer Notebook. This is an MIT OCW Innovation and a fine one it is too. I am realising just how disengaged I am with the books on my list and the power of attraction in a volume e. g the concepts and thinking in Becker’s book and Becker in general*
The books I own and borrow are deep reads indeed. They cut into my very soul and expose the pain and abnormalities that lie in mine and Society’s core especially in academia**
Even though I don’t research my ‘research’ carries me to a depth of discovery that is frightening and Becker’s book is encouraging me on that quest.

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