Podcast Library Strategy Update: Knight Series JOURNALISM, Africa, Globalization, IGB and IPod Nano

Current Count:( 37)Books Current Read (nearly finished ‘Fields of Reading’ )
Paper/s Read (none no downloads ) Podcasts listening/ed to ( 5)
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? ( 4 I returned)Library Books Due Date (28th Sept 2007 )




LISTENING PROGRAMME 5X1.5hrs Normal Working Week

Knight Series JOURNALISM Stanford

Academics and Practitioners Stanford trained educated Journalists give Public Lectures at Stanford Reunion Alumni

Very helpful and informative Series on Journalism connecting Theory with Practice.

8 Lectures Total Knight Series IMPORTANT

IGB Globalization Bound Together Africa DONE

Rivers of Africa DONE helpful Geophysicist location of water supplies health of. I like Geophysicist.

Africa II Africans should do African press I agree! DONE

HISTORY of Globalization prefigures current period of Globalization. To Do

Christian Missionaries listen again?


The Experiences of Muslims in Prisons Professor Jolie DONE

Advocate of Muslim Prisoners.

Prison not isolated from Society. New Commonwealth Immigrants all sorts of rights Citizenship etc which gave them political clout.contrast Jacobinistic system in France recognises no ethnic diversities,

A lot of young people frustrated socio-economic conditions meaning because of lack of prison provision turn to Muslim Extremists in situ.French Prison system amplifying social exclusion; rage against French society exclusion, high unemployment, worst areas to live etc areas of xxx deprivation.

Prison Interface State and Service display discrimination.

Les Etate ??Policies exclude

Policy lots of support for Jewish and Christian exacerbate muslim situation.

Radical Islamist located.

Terrorist car bombs poor man’s artillery (verifiable Source hidden key insight)

Security national issues.

Methodology:Interviews with Prisoners logical conclusions of result.

Jolie Academic/Advocate key question. Economic deprivation play into terrorism Muslim extremists. Causal of Muslim terrorist acts by implication.

State reaction to resulted in Race Relations Act Policy Tool* Evolution of Race Relations Act UK.France has Assimilation Policy that does not recognise ethnic difference. Disadvantage.

ETHNICIZATION recognition of different ethnic differences and Cultural Differences.

Policies French Society should adopt UK model she concludes.

Exacerbation of Muslim difficulties. Too much done for other groups** DONE


Psychiatry Podcasts x 3 Citation and Notes hidden but authentic.

312 Words


Too much attention to catered for Minority Groups = backlash. White backlash here (academic books know of Academic Catalogue)

British Muslim organised much better organised than in France.

The Organisation of different Interest Groups** key point.

Danielle Jolie Professor.RESEARCH INSTITUTE

Centre for Ethnic.

Jim Beckford academic I presume.

353 words

Planned Listening Sept 18 2007

Internet and Society Conference

a Mental Health Social Work Conference

Knight Series Stanford listen to all 8 and finish

381 words

NEXT on 1GB Middlebury Immigrants, Religion and America

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