Book 38 ‘Fields of Reading’ Exploring Self in Society MIT OCW a top class read

Current Count:(38 )Books Current Read ( Friere Finish Chapter 3 and then read final Chapter 4)
Paper/s Read (none Arts and Letters daily is as bad as Paper promiscuity ) Podcasts listening/ed to ( none yet)
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Book 38 ‘Fields of Reading’ Motives for Writing

Comley Hamilton Klaus Scholes Sommers

Seventh Edition


A book to work with, refer back to, work with and from, ‘Fields of Reading’ looks like providing me with much food for thought for writing tasks and training. Fields covers the four movements:ARGUING REPORTING EXPLAINING AND REFLECTING and puts them into the context of ‘Social Science and Public Affairs and Science and Technologies’ Truly a book for the MIT Community as Science and Technology weaves itself like a river throughout all MIT’s Curriculum.

I made myself a Exploring Self and Society Bookmark with the CORE TASKS: Arguing, Explaining, Reporting, Reflecting so I can carry it as a theme throughout my days. The exercises challenge one to write with Bailey Book ‘Writing Short Stories’. A top class read and top class education which should lead to top class thinking writing wise.

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