500 hours including Reading, Podcasts, Papers and Learning plus Independent Thinking = Good Thing

Current Count:( 37)Books Current Read (Fields of Reading Science pages )
Paper/s Read (downloaded qaulity INTUTE ) Podcasts listening/ed to (Radio 4, From our own Correspondent, China and Globalization, Rivers of Africa I feel Podcast heavy and need a rest 7×1.30hrs per Public Lecture +Q&A)
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? ( 4 too much!)Library Books Due Date (28 Sept 2007 )

This guy has listened to 400-500 hours of Podcasts and feels it is equivalent of exposure* on a Masters Degree. I think he makes an important point and understands the key role Academic Podcasts* can play in a persons life.
I myself could not live without them although I desperately need a Music Entertainment Centre to run alongside perhaps Novels etc too!
Amazon DVD Rental now started to get me on the right lines. It will be a gradual transformation>

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