Podcast Library 600 Knight Series 4 listened too so far

Current Count:(37 )Books Current Read (Fields of Reading )
Paper/s Read ( none but downloaded qaulity items) Podcasts listening/ed to (Knight Series Stanford Journalism )
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? ( 5 too much)Library Books Due Date (28 Sept 2007 £3:50 due Library Fine )

The Knight Series PUBLIC LECTURE Category is looking very interesting indeed and might be even Archived Material plus Citations.
I have not done justice to what I am listening too what I am listening to. Social Work conference essential, (source not cited here but off line privately); Psychiatry (ditto) Philosophy Podcasts I own a very impressive and inspiring.
Well at least I did my ‘One a Day’ ‘A Public Lecture a day keeps xxyyzz at bay?’
No Admissions Tutor would argue with its intrinsic worth, no Tutor would tell me how terrible my Reading List was or my Wordage Stamina etc plan that is unless they were distorted horrible and not wishing me well.
From the increasing number of sites out there I am not alone but are we connected?

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