I am NOT giving myself sufficient credit for Podcasts listened too my other Academic Strategy

Current Count:( 37)Books Current Read ( Fields of Reading Self and Society MIT OCW)
Paper/s Read ( none but qaulity downloads from INTUTE) Podcasts listening/ed to ( Knight Series Journalism Fellowships* Africa Playlists*)
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? (4 one requested returned )Library Books Due Date ( 28 Sept 2007)
Sept 15 Friday 2007

  1. Africa Playlist I GB Rivers of Africa, Africa and Development issues ( very helpful) Africa Press ( I agree Africans should do it themselves and get credit due for it) Geophysics good thing. Geophysicist on one.
  2. Multiculturalism Debate ACADEME only various Books saved to Wish List plus Papers plus Podcasts also WHAT IS RACISM question I need VSL Racism book very good very scholarly and very enlightening. PROBLEM SOLVING ACADEMICS.
  3. China, North Korea (Troublesome nations Playlist Nations most likely to cause problems). NEW CATEGORY ‘Politics and International Relations’ forward to LSE External Politics and International Relations. LSE External all time favourite for Re-admittance perhaps 2 separate Degrees Government AND Sociology!! How it looks on CV is problem but Philosophy might be helpful? Judicious use of OU. Research intensive based is my academic motto plus there would be a trend to continue she needs to worthily.
  4. A massive Psychiatry Psychology Library including Social Psychology all First year Undergraduate. I now see need and worth of both Philosophical and Theoretical and biostatistics bioscience view. Not either/or I just need to be in position to do both.
  5. Mental Health is huge on List problem solving* plus my own Theory which i have titled to describe the circumstances that face me that I wouldn’t choose.

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