Book 38 and Book 39 and Book 40 heading for Big 40

Current Count:( 37 read )Books Current Read (Booth, Friere, )
Paper/s Read ( none) Podcasts listening/ed to (ibid )
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? (5 )Library Books Due Date (Sept Computer renewal plus fine )

Book 38 is ‘Fields of Reading’
Book 39 Friere ‘Pedagogy of the oppressed’
Book 40 is Wayne Booth’ The Craft of Research.’

I am heading towards the big 4-0 and must celebrate. I am also giving myself due Credit for ALL work done be it by Podcast (Public Lectures Courses etc Symposia etc) or by Reading or scanning Reading Papers books by themselves.
I believe I spent a fair bit of the day in daily Study activities and have much I can read on HDD of serious intellectual import. Putting resources into Subject areas is a good idea and takes pressure off. Problems need to be answered thought about exposed etc so good way of doing it.

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