Giving credit to just how much work I do on a daily basis minus Reading Programme

Current Count:( 37??)Books Current Read ( Friere ibid, Fields of Reading MIT OCW Self and Society Course)
Paper/s Read (0 ) Podcasts listening/bed to ( The Born Again Brain Maudsley Debates)
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? (5 with a small fine )Library Books Due Date (31 August )

  1. Yesterday’s Fare: Alfred Stephan ‘Islam and Democracy’ not concentrated on.
  2. The Rivers of Africa:part of ‘Africa’ Playlist Geophysicists very interesting and informative as to the real world situation facing Africans across Nile Delta and other Rivers.
  3. A Social Work Conference very interesting indeed** Three Sessions Take notes and delete or or Archive.
  4. Playlists:Africa, Development, Islam I and II List, xxxx secret topic, Poetry.
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