Book 37 Susanna Kaysen ‘Girl Interupted’

Current Count:( 37)Books Current Read ( Friere Pedagogy of the Oppressed)
Paper/s Read ( scanned) Podcasts listening/ed to ( start of Justice on 1GB player)
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? (5 )Library Books Due Date ( 31 August)

I agree with the people who said the book is better. The Film doesn’t have the sense of drama that you get with the expression ‘parallel worlds’ or the chemical powers exerted by the health authorities which made this so called progressive institution like any other who forces ‘meds’ on it’s inmates and uses the above as an extreme form of punishment.
Kaysens Borderline Personality Disorder is regarded by the Profession as a ‘Dustbin Diagnosis’ I sometimes wonder about why certain mental disorders are in there if it not for a sense of wishing to control deviant behaviour; by that token Kaysen was a Loser and the ‘Mental Hospital’/’Loony Bin’/’Nuthouse’ was a way to reform her-that is if you regard the sheer boredom of the place as knocking shape into any soul worth the name.
The Director had not the courage to engage with the REAL issues of the book with the Parallel World, Chemical control brain zapping, and a whole host of real issues arising from a Service User point of view which would put paid to the accusations flying around the stratosphere as to the degraded social status of Service Users.

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