UPDATE :Podcast Listened to LSE Public Lecture on Africa and the Media Approximate Title

Current Count😦 36 1/2)Books Current Read (Sussana Kaysen ‘Girl Interrupted ,Friere Pedagogy of the Oppressed (Bid Draft) and Booth ‘The Craft of Research (ditto))
Paper/s Read ( scanned some very interesting ones on Community) Podcasts listening/ed to ( LSE Africa and the Media from University Channel Very helpful and Informative)
LIBRARY BOOKS ON LOAN?? ( 5)Library Books Due Date ( August 31 2007 Fines subtract from spending or savings needed elsewhere)

I should Twitter Progress and or use Facebook Status Updates as a means to keep key folks posted on my progress on an as needed basis. I imagine this being useful at Uni should I get re-admitted and nervous Lecturers could follow my progress from the safety of their Desktop.
One for the Future. Use WORDAGE, STAMINA, READING LIST AND VOLUME WHICH NEEDS TO BE VERY HIGH FOR THE FUTURE AS IF IT WERE IMMINENT. I CANNOT imagine Academics disagreeing or arguing with the above; it just needs a pedagogical framework and tonnes of research and policy implementation at Government and Institutional level says she confidently. REPETITION I AM GOING ROUND IN CIRCLES, EDIT FOR GENERAL CONTENT.

Back to the Podcast Log

The LSE Africa and Media is part of a grouping of Public Lecture Podcasts which are under the heading ‘Africa’. Along with Africa are themes of Development (Cambodia Girl this chick is) and Islam**Multiculturalism which thank goodness is being debated by the Academic Community. Mental Health** (3 Ultra long Play lists chock full of Psychology Lectures and Public Lecture Podcasts) and a variety of musical lists on matters close to my heart ie xxxxxxxxxxxxxx ing.
The word might give it away.
New concept today DISCOURSE COMMUNITY Academic Disciplinary(source undisclosed but reliable and authoratitive) must google.

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