Looking Ahead Looking Out:Where are the Wars??

Current Count:(36 )Books Current Read ( ibid)
Paper/s Read (scanned for qaulity ) Podcasts listening/ed to ( Pirates of the Caribbean )

Where are the Wars being fought in my life limited sphere? Stand back Stand back

Smoking Anti and Pro Vulnerable users targeted also PASSIVE SMOKING danger,
Medication FORCED COERCION no choice here and side effects. Asymmetrical inequalities where only one party will win and that is the stronger party from Faithworks Steve Chalke and Premier to Big Pharmaceutical Companies, academics**aggh.
This is too awful but the confiscation of academic books is a NO NO and my Library and Wish Lists are chock full of them plus Library Access, Parental (3) Library Access plus necessary Spends Amazon again
Survival as I near fatal age AGEISM
No wonder folks destruct here I don’t blame them.What have we to live for if we continue the STatus Quo.
Rejoicing Steve and Faithworks, niave betraying Premier,
John 15:9

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