NEW Papers Papers galore I have several thousand on HDD!!

Current Count:(36 )Books Current Read ( Friere, Booth Wayne C ibid)
I must do Record of Papers read and take notes on content. Good bad indifferent. I tend to pounce on real gems given half the chance.
Papers are just as signficant as books it is now imperative I factor them into whole Reading Plan and NOT just relish my 800-900 Citable Amazon Wish List. Thanks to Amazon UK for their marvellousness and fast delivery of many gems. I adore it!

Sample Papers
MHF ‘Life’s Labour Lost’ Service User Research
Service User Generated Bibliography
Various ISER Papers if I have the nerve to press the button.
CASE, STICERD, LSE, especially Welfare Human Rights and Mental Health.
Papers as much as possible from LSE one of my loves.
An assortment of growing number of Papers from Essex****************which seems me friendly??!! something BEYOND the confines of LSE
Warwick (favourite location)
Leeds University Disability Unit I practically live out of.
Mental Health
Philosophy (Limited)
PhD Theses!!
PhD Research into processes etc etc
Government Policies

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