NEW: Current Public Lecture Series NEW: Current Course Listen

Current Count:( 36)Books Current Read ( Wayne C Booth’The Craft of Research, Friere Pedagogy of the Oppressed )

  1. Social Psychology Serena Chen Berkeley
  2. Introduction to Psychology John Kilstrom Berkeley Listened too.
  3. Began History 5 ibid
  4. Stat 2 in process
  5. Regular Philosophy Talk/Philosophers Zone/Guerilla Radio Show.
  6. LSE are now on board for Mp3 streams. I thank God that it is an ‘open site’ (professor friend of my Dad’s who works there on VPP Project) because there is NOTHING I won’t download from it: Nik Rose Lecture,
  7. ESSEX another download site.Downloading = Academic Happiness I hope it happens with Essex as they are seeming to get more and more attractive academically speaking.
  8. Dr Leon Cass ‘The Dignity of Human Flourishing’ I II III
  9. Inquiry as a Social Form University Channel

I have at least 600 podcasts and I cannot help but download take note of Gems. It will take me 150 days @ 4 a day too much! 300 days @2 a day.
I adore my Podcasts. I love em. Am I underestimating or not counting WHAT I ACTUALLY ACHIEVE BY LISTENING TO THEM AS PART OF MY READING/RESEARCH PLAN???

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