I look positively virtuous (Get prayer for academic deficicies holding me back)

Current Count:( 35)Books Current Read ( Nick Crossley Contesting Psychiatry: Social Movements in Mental Health )


  1. You my dear are reviewing a genuine bona-fide Research Proposal sent to you by fellow Service User Research Manager.
  2. Academics as friends and family are there Peer Effects***(citation needed).
  3. Exposure to Academic Forums makes me feel thick and intellectually inadequate. (Orkut, Facebook) and long for a NORMAL experience.
  4. Academic type conversations with above on my Theoretical ideas regarding Service Using a far cry from Service Evaluation as it’s possible to get.
  5. Books lent on PhD doing and serious Research into including Topics and Supervisors (2 big uns in mind both Essex).
  6. Frequent regular sometimes unexpected trips to Essex Campus where dead serious Research takes place (Harlen and Roberts Article on Disability Compliance*) The British Journal of Sociology which is RSSe’d to my Desktop: Book buying Sprees, (now defunct SU Second hand Bookshop) and reading Reading lists in Bookshop!!!!. Plus Father I have sinned by actually perambulating about the Departments along lines I used too when I was there (Government and Sociology) plus Chaplaincy.
  7. Service using FORCING theoretical perspectives despite horrific lack of basic knowledge base where unto to see them.
  8. Parents Libraries are dead serious: Mummy’s (should have gone to Uni full Monty full academic thing love of her life); Daddy’s (Professor UCL DSc and starts own subject no less!!), Stepmum (Sociologist, Expert, LSE trained, Queen Mary) chock full of serious Sociology.Best of all is lending from them and being spotlessly good with their books to continue this relationship.
  9. Library PTL is excellent so Mummy told me and she is right:excellent volumes on loan (Very Short introductions Oxford Racism, Cultural Anthropology) PhD Companion.
  10. I download Papers by the dozen literally. A Happy day is a day I get real beauties on my HDD of stellar qaulity: favoured locations: LSE, Leeds, Essex if at all possible***, Oxford, Cambridge, London. Google Scholar is my best mate and I will keep it on if I get readmitted on basis of academic health*.
  1. I set my own Reading List see Amazon Wish List**800 strong. And set my own Agenda (research questions to answer). Sometimes it takes COURAGE to type in terms because I am so afraid someone or group of people will ‘get’ my Thesis and I am so weak in terms of actually doing it in terms of preparedness, academic track record, the need to be a PRS, in terms of qualification and enablement and basic KNOWLEDGES in order to spot deficiencies (Dad). It seems I have malformed academic energy. Plus I set my Agenda to whatever I see fit however daring and out of comfort zone it is.
  2. ACADEMIC MALFORMATION the perils of the assault of Prose versus more mathematical reasoning. It takes G-O-D to expose academic wounding, the years lost by the above and the maths thing. Denied year of going on with Maths because of the vile Label (Labelling see Sociology of Stigma and Deviance Ken Plummer Essex before it got changed into more Criminology mode previous more interesting).
  3. Going to (LSE but also Essex) Public Lectures and downloading them by the tonne is a serious academic act. But going for the chat afterwards with wine and cheese put me out of my depth but Ex Lecturers supported me in the midst of academic snobbery.
  4. Insatiable curiosity drives me to download Public Lectures, Transcripts etc (LSE favourite location) and meeting one’s alma mater in the Public Lecture forum does rather strike me as a serious academic act.
  5. Podcasts are the answer to my prayers and any other helpful info slides for statistics (SOSIG ESRC last night in bed). In right way publically accessible means yours truly learns tonnes. Best format: think Vodcasts and prepare similarly. Apple IPod Video?
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