VIRTUAL ANTHROPOLOGY | An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas

VIRTUAL ANTHROPOLOGY | An emerging consumer trend and related new business ideas

Anthropology per se.
Commercial Variant of per se.

I had better check if this link is still live. If not the concept most certainly is.

It is amazing what the Companies will use to try to market to us, which if you watch any Daytime TV or TV seems to consist of Ads for Cars and Motor and or other Insurance, or else boring dull products mean’t for the Seniors imprisoned in  so-called ‘Care’ Homes staffed by those who don’t really care that scandelously DON’T HAVE WIFI INTERNET ACCESS, like Psychiatric Hospitals ( I wonder why? Mavis has been left in her whee and is fitting, nurses are having a fag or in Ward, the Ward is cold, so and so has been injected some lethal substance for disrupting the status quo?).

I wonder if  WIFI Broadband Access and it’s denial by those who get paid in the forced sale of houses and extornionate weekly fees is because the powers that be don’t want exposing in the Blogosphere??

I hope this is soon put right. You are supposed to LIVE in your HOME and your HOME is about CARE one would have WIFI BROADBAND RELIABLE INTERNET ACCESS WITH TECHNICAL SUPPORT AT HOME. So UP THE REVOLUTION!!

217 words Edited Tuesday 5th Jan 2008

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