Book 35 The Intellectual Life of the Working Classes Jonathan Rose Yale

Current Count:( 34)Books at time of writing
I have suspended current reading programme in order to read this book first then get into Ancient history then to pick up where I left off unless otherwise.

Maybe I got discouraged?

I am reading ACADEMIC books which pose different challenges the type Academics and Undergraduates read as part of their courses. It isn’t as straightforward as reading the Literary Canon or latest literary wonder as reviewed in the Broadsheet newspapers.

I keep flitting from Subject to Subject. Literature, Essays Writing and Reading, Sociology, Politics, old subjects of mine and now to Law that Subject that makes sense of other Subjects in both the theoretical and practical public domain.

About this Book

This prizewinning book provides an intellectual history of the British working classes from the pre-industrial era to the twentieth century. Drawing on workers’ memoirs, social surveys, library registers, and more, the author discovers how members of the working classes educated themselves, which books they read, and how their reading influenced them

 My Perspective about this Life changing Book

The working classes in the Factories, on the Shop Floor, in the mines, in the shops got hold of whatever reading material they could get their little hands on. This they read voraciously. They read Philosophers,  Literary   Fiction, Chap books, even Lists?  They literally threw themselves onto the crumbs falling from the table.

As a result  Working Men’s Libraries were set up and the movement became more diffuse amongst the working class. They became Intellectuals, Writers,  part of the University system, a system they hated because it limited free thinking. They became the Working Class Intelligentsia.

Was this to continue?  What do you think?

The Bloomsbury Set  with Maynard Keynes,  the Webbs, founders of LSE,  Virginia Woolf who suffered from stigmatising depression decided to clamp down on this activity which ran counter to to today’s popular Media Narratives of giving the working classes the worst  Culture instead of the best.

In modern terms this means the underdog finding out what actually is going on and making headway in the world especially and most notably against the odds.

A compelling book and one that is required reading for all who hope to follow that despised path that gives to many.



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