LSE has Podcasts Yipee!

Current Count:(34 )Books

There is no end to the longing I have when I see the LSE Public Lectures and Events and no end to the one’s I desire to be Podcast by.
My longing is other UK Institutions to come on board, most notably Essex especially Government and Sociology Departments**Philosophy, Psychology, History in fact like unto MIT Opencourseware ANY Department which doth take my fancy.
Podcasting is but another way into academic promiscuity and disciplinary wantonness. Podcasting like the beloved MIT Opencourseware and its beloved Counterparts blesses me by opening forth its contents onto my needy most disadvantaged soul.
Plus if one desires to be at University then it is most wise to sample its intellectual content.
Papers are one way. I have several thousand at least on my HDD(!!) and Podcasts are another. The more you ‘know’ an Institutions view as it shews forth itself in Academic output the more you are able to judge whether thou is supposeth to be there or long too probably aged 93+3/4

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