I am reading three on the go Feb 17th 2007

Current Count:(24 )Books 1 of a Hundred this Year 2007

Faculty Towers Elaine Showalter I’m about half way through.
How Institutions think Mary Douglas Up to Chapter Two a searing critique so far.
Tricks of the Trade Howard Becker.
All deadly serious volumes but extremely good so far.
The rest of my reading is as before: History UK, Political Philosophy Hobbes Leviathan (favourite Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought), In Cold Blood Novel,Critical Sociology (private loan book); Sociology of Religion Berger(more Sociology) Foucault Madness and Civilization (realises hidden Agenda of Academia and indeed Foucault namely Greek, Latin, French German (LSE site plus Foucault last year Academics CV’s )
Foucault is standing in the way. Despite of ordering my SECOND Copy from Routledge I am faced with the same problem that not even Routledge solves namely that of translation from Greek, Latin. French and German in the Text. No wonder Cambridge History of Political Thought Texts are so close to my heart, didn’t they think Students of any type would require these basics?

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