Book 35 ‘How Institutions think’ Mary Douglas

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About 144 pp so shouldn’t take too long.
This is my first Anthropology Text. I must get Currithers Text in order to remedy deficit’Why do people have culture?’. Anthropology has gripped me since I attended a Public Lecture at LSE where Graeber was doing the honours ( I hope he has a brilliant post somewhere Research led to showcase his considerable Talents and continue to publish prolifically as before); my what an introduction! I have since watched BBC4 Documentaries on Anthropologists who include Malinowski (LSE), Mead?, Castoradis (poor man full of scandal the terrifying consequences of a Thesis) and others. I am still woefully ignorant having decided jumping in at the deep end is the best strategy. Kate Fox is another I am aware of.
I have no idea how Anthropology differs from Sociology let alone Political Science the latter I read at Essex 17 years ago.
All I know is I am glad there are xxxxxxxxxxxxxx and that I can follow it up in scholastic terms in time-honoured me style which is cheeky brash unashamed and totally academic.


The Picture on the front is very depressing. Anthropology looks worth looking in Goldsmiths, LSE locations. I love the whole Institutional Global systemic? way in which Mary Dougas may address issues.

212 Word Cont

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