My new copy of Routledge ‘Madness and Civilisation’ arrived today Will it answer my key questions?

Current Count:( 34)Books
The key questions being 1) translation from the Greek PLEASE, most of us are not Greek Scholars orb) French (loads of French in it) or c)Latin, will the above be remedied in the Routledge Edition (about n 000 Citations too!) or will it be another futile search for an Edition Student/Scholar which has all the translations like a good Edition should have.
I fear my academic foray into Foucault may be hindered by issues such as these.
Also I have a Latin Dictionary
Greek somewhere has been in my blood.
French is ongoing but my current reckoning is these things should have been taken into account when Foucault was translated.
n.b I feel a bit naughty sometimes. I am NOT at Uni but I read as an Alumni of an Research Intensive Uni books commensurate with such Status. So…
n.b II Is Blogger trying to do Tags also like WordPress??I suspect so but it may be in infancy.

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