Book 34 Judith Levene My Year without Shopping

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Judith Levene ‘My Year without Shopping’ A two day read.

This lady obviously is a Scholar and it shows up in her perspectives and how they inform this most challenging of tasks that of NOT shopping for a Year. From what she said if you are like me depending on Public Libraries, Free Art Galleries etc etc in other words the Public Goods and the Government is on a Privatisation spree then one’s enjoyment of being free of Shopping is going to be hindered. The people who will need to abstain from Shopping dangerously are those most in need of this book the poor, the lower income classes and those who are’nt in the Middle Classes.
Levene is thoroughly and shamelessly middle-class and so this book may not appeal to those who are offended by this degree of culture. But if you are like the ladies I have met then this book can only inspire one to attempt such a thing.

Later Edit: This book shows what is available to those seeking to spend no money from a middle class perspective. Privatisation takes away free public goods worsening state of those seeking to live on as little money as possible

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