I defy all norms condemming Adults to intellectual mediocrity

Current Count:( 33 )Books

Opencourseware MIT ( I have zillions of Courses on my HDD and MIT gets my full respect)
Plus OU has a Statistics Course which I am taking advantage of.
My Reading Programme has a disproportionate amount of Academic Books and not just Academic books but downright Citable Texts (!!!)I have begun a Thesis concerned with the Abandonment of the Mentally Ill by the Church in all her colours and flavas* I use MY Theories to help me navigate my way through my life (!!)I shameless look at Conferences and now have Conferences RSSed to my Desktop via Bloglines.(one MUST be aware of Conference Agenda items). I have advised someone to get out the box for her survival. My Teacher admired my Maths Textbook one of a a whole shelf devoted to Mathematics including ‘Pattern’ and Statistics for dummies texts.My HDD is crammed full of Articles, Conferences, Papers, a PhD or two!!, and anything of obscene qaulity that I can get my hands on. I even have documents of spiralling high qaulity and even am researching who the key Scholars are in ‘my’ Discipline.
So nobody aint gonna tell me what to do. I am aware of how Didactism is treated by Academia and of Adult education (Scholarly resources!). I know of Rose writing on elite Working Class who educated themselves. (Must read book!)I am also aware of BME Academia especially African and the BURDENS they carry in their intellectual craftsmanship (C Wright Mills tome). I am also currently reading Book 34 Becker Tricks of the TRADE: How to think about your Research while your doing it.
My ‘research’ is as scholarly as I can make it.As focussed on answering questions as I can make it. All my Research has to answer questions.
So all these f*** xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’s can stuff it!

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