Ageism the natural hazard hovering all the Youth/Youth obsessed

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Google Top Slicing Esther Rannzen
Companies practising it i.e. BBC. all Big Business unless I hear otherwise.

I see AGEISM all over the show. In fact watching ‘The Show’ is downright distressing. No wonder I am defensive, frightened etc.

Therefore, all DREAMS have an ugly oxymoronic feel. Perhaps The Gift of Contribution, Gift exchange (Mauss aware of book not brought or read but awareness ACUTE) has a key. Persons such as myself have to have some kind of genuine authentic meaning in our lives that have such harmful effects on our

Therefore I am skeptical about Government Initiatives that don’t genuinely attack the base which is threatening. (seen book on how culture that embraces disability might as well be anything else, is well threatening!!)

All this is leading to a Theory which smacks of Utilitarianism. I will tell my Theory to Safe People, I wonder if they will agree as an observation.??

Ageism is the death sentence hanging over every young person who enters life in a normal way ie normal lifespan normal entrance to work university etc.

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Hence the need for the  Anti-Ageism Movement!
Mentally Health Movement!
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx yyyyyyyyyyyy Movement!!

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