Book 32 Dorothea Brande On Becoming a Writer

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Dorothea Brand ‘On Becoming a Writer’

The definitive guide to becoming a writer. She deals with Writers Block by prescribing writing trash on a daily basis while one is still fresh out of bed so ones thinking isn’t impeded by what is read in Newspaper, emails etc She aims to get the Writer which after all is all of us-exceptions granted- by doing regular writing in 15 min time periods once one has ‘written oneself out’ doing the early morning exercises.
This book preceded Nanowrimo and improves on what needs to be a happy experience-that of writing 50.000 words of absolute rubbish. This book is the inspiration I need to learn how to struture writing into my life on a daily business and get used to writing n words a day. I cannot recommend this book more highly enough. Buy it and especially if you are planning one day to do Nanowrimo.
IMHO academic writers Academics and others would benefit from the approaches laid out in this book.

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