BBC – BBC THREE – I’m With Stupid the first drama dealing with denizens forced to inhabit Insititutionalized lands

BBC – BBC THREE – I’m With Stupid
I have been wondering when the BBC Producers will see plot lines galore in stories of Disabled Land.

I see Image Problems. The Young is paraded as normal. Normal uninterupted Careers portrayed as truth.

Classic portrayal of the institutionalized denizens of disabled land. What strikes me is how normal they are, they are just hindered by their disability/ies  and most of all Society’s attempts to hinder all attempts of enjoying life as it is or conducting life in an AS IS way employing concepts such as AGENCY, SELF DETERMINATION etc.

I am with OUCH on the BBC on these issues.

LATER EDIT Friday 2nd Jan 2009 Word Count 112 normal count

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