29 Disgrace J M Coatzee

Current Count:( 29)Books out of First Hundred.

This took me a day.
It is about an academic who is languishing in his department whose only respite are his weekly sojourns with prostitutes outside of town. This leads him to sleep with his Student Melanie Issacs who shops him to the authorities( he also gives her a 70 for a Test unsat and work not done in lieu of their relationship) and as a result he loses his career for a commonly occuring ‘weakness’.( The Commitee)He runs to his daughter who he discovers is just like him given the way Petrus a black helpmate eventally enslaves her; the result of which his former life ebbs away bit by bit and he becomes a shadow of his former self; unable to ressurect his academic self out of the ashes of scandal.
Disgrace is a distressing and only too accurate portrayal of loss of self following academic indiscretion.
Highly recomended. Coatzee who seems to grab all the going Awards is now on my Literary Genre List.
As a Writer he is readable, accessible, scholarly in accessible way. He writes from first person and his narrative is compelling.

He reminds me of Philip Pullman whose University presence leaves itself all over his Writing

208 words

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