Book 27 Nickel and Dimed Undercover in low wage USA

Current Count:( 27)Books out of First Hundred 50 approximately in stock

This book is part of the Reading List for Exploring Self in Society MIT OCW. It is a blistering critique of the ACTUAL conditions of the poor in slave wage conditons doing the jobs the more affluent members of Society won’t do or value. As a read it is scholarly,descriptive honest human (Ehrenreich is forced to use her middle class resources in order to get through which is humanly impossible). She is obviously under strain constantly worried that her prized Laptop might be stolen. Her brief sojourn provides her with enough data to make a searing polemic as to the disconect between the rising housing costs that is for RENTED accomodation and the ever low wage rates paid by retail dictatorships such as Walmart.
The book is footnoted only to the extent it enhances the text and if it were a documentary would provide a picture of the terrible conditions the wage slaves of the global economy has to pay.

UPDATED EDIT Tuesday Jan 6th 2009 Arctic Conditons hit UK

Exploring Self and Society School of Writing and Humanistic Studies was decided upon as a Vantage point into MIT OCW. I picked it for it’s relevance for the Concepts ability to help me frame my  thinking using World Class resources albeit from an American POV.

I have been pretty diligent in ordering books frm the US and have followed as closely as possible the Reading lists concerned.

If I was at Uni then I would frantically order from Amazon UK, prefering my own resources to risking Library or not availability. Papers would merely be a case of Student Login.

Being on Benefits slows the process down. I don’t go out (rarely) but if I do I like to live it up. At least DIY Intellectual Pursuits mean I get to use brain all by myself. MIT OCW etc help me get some idea of what the Academy is thinking on various issues.

346 Word Count given to add to Lifetime Word Count when I get round to counting up.

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