Tom Bailey Writing Short Stories American MIT OCW resource that needs it’s UK Equivalent

This guy explains it like no other. A must for all writers not just those of Short Stories. Aim Atlantic Monthly or in UK Terms Professional Writer (and Academic by the way) the British Qaulity Press and Journals. This book is read alongside ‘Fields of Reading Motives for Writing Conley et al’ important point. It is also an American import of critical importance for us Brits usingthe stellar MIT OCW website by mining its’ riches.

How Tom Bailey helps the would be Writer in us all [academic, novelist too using MIT OCW Student).

First he shows us the various components of Story making from Character Construction to point of view to Voice. Then he illustrates it by some very good short stories, then I believe he takes us through Exercises designed to help us get the point.

As a Writer he is 10/10. Book Teaching Score 10/10.

Short Review

Word Count 201 word count

He takes us through the various means of Character construction, point of view etc (terms I have to get to learn having carved my writing foolishly on Nanowrimo).  The book as American has American authors. There must be an UK equivalent but as yet I have not found it.

LATER EDIT Friday 2nd Jan 2008 3:42pm


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