NEW Reflection My Life Where Lush Vegetation should be A Desert Is

Lushness, verdant greeness, wet rain, gentle flowers, a proliferation of wildlife, a vast panorama filled with every kind of nourishing tree. Flowers of every hue and type, Chelsea Flower Show, Hampton Court, the Green and pleasant land upon which gallant souls may bow themselves to arm against and build up Jerusalem in Englands Green and Pleasant Land. Thats how it should be not this.
No wonder I cross Segments to steal goodies from those withholding our rights. I traverse Frontiers in Cyberspace to Countries I have never been but wonder at the sojourn. That my desperate Library trips are to get Gems like the British Journal of Sociology (thank goodness I am an Essex Alumni and their Library is heaving) and other wonders from my beloved parents shelves. Posted by Picasa

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