LSE The Garrick Update:Admin has Laptop,Laptop Trolley and now streams LSE podcasts into PC saving attendance

The Graeber Lecture and the Public Lecture programme of LSE is one that sticks in my mind. Not only as a source of inspiration for books. (Anthropology proper start here)but Graeber as talent on my list.
I relish the emails from LSE informing me of the Lecture Season. My goodness this is one opportunity I don’t want to miss even though it is UNCHARTERED TERRITORY AND I DON’T KNOW WHATS WHAT.

Laptop fantasies become even more relevant. ( I have an Essex Variant as well you might like to know sitting out on the Lawn composing my latest wonderful Essay[think potential publishables!!] with an iced water….) The number of students I saw with Laptops on the Table lead me to believe that LAPTOPS are a lifestyle choice way forward

Result: Laptop now integral to my lifestyle which now has become a defining part of who I am due to it’s portability, convenience, and most of all ability to do on the job work that needs to be on computer e.g documents of various sorts to surfing, forums, instant messaging when necessary etc. Laptop trolley Christmas 2008 is as real life saver as Businessman quality and of the type one would lust over if one forked out for it oneself. The above is my pride and joy and goes with me everywhere. It also has a Suit/Clothes/Printer Compartment where I can have overnight wear as well for overnight trips.

It is now trademark like my Dad and his Laptop and bag slung over his shoulders.

Dad hunched over his Laptop working is a quintesssential academics image.

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