EVIDENCEd based POLICY or one of my finds online My Awareness is a million degrees

This is when the academic rubber hits the Service User Road and nightmares about Emancipatory Sociology and rampant Utopianism starts to take over.As mountains deserving crushing peer scarily into the Distance challenging any ambitious of gaining substantive and empirical (depending on your School of thought) SOCIAL CAPITAL.
I collect highly cited books for my Amazon list at least I can spot Quality.Also lesser known but deserving cases get on as well if a don is not getting the deal he/she deserves.

Posted by Picasa From my observations Evidence Based Policy is rampant on Policy and in Academe. I have not sussed what it means to be ‘evidence based’ as I would assume you cannot write an academic paper/essay etc without EVIDENCE to back up your conclusions and the wherewithal to evaluate the quality thereof.

Therefore I ask WHAT THE HELL IS EVIDENCED BASED POLICY? Policy based on certain biases and power bases or EVIDENCE??!!

How does one suss this one out?

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