2000 Books What they look like a Photo of a 2000 Book Library

Just think I book at a time. I am reading Ehenriech Nickeled and Dimed at the moment (Exploring Self in Society) and have 150pp to finish of ‘Fields of Reading’ As its the Summer hols I might ease up a bit and just feed brain every now and then

2000 Book Library what does 2000 books look like in practice? How does one actually work through numbers? What Strategy does one use in order to realise this?. What should one’s strategy be re different Subject areas how deeply does one read, assuming one can access 1) books 2) resources that come from books look at so and so and joe bloggs on x y z and joe bloggette on the x of the abc and and so on.. What in short should be one’s pedagogy?

If one is on a limited income should decisions be based FIRST on available resources ie what is Library at one particular time and one’s working through it? Is Wish Listing on Amazon and inspirations from Library Thing a good thing because you get some mighty clues as to where to go, or is it bad (too many inspirations, too little money).

Should one seek to answer specific questions? or float about more generally?

Maybe I need to make a slideshow of 2000 Book Libraries of academic books for inspiration?

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LATER EDIT Friday Jan 2nd 2009 3:30pm

MIT OCW Theme: Exploring Self and Society which I saw as the most advantageous start off point to launch myself into some informal work based on provisions on MIT OCW site http://www.ocw.edu for more information.

Self and Society is the most relevant for my purposes since Society impacts Self and Self impacts Society whether positive or negative. (Bowie now on Youtube Playlist, was Beatles, previously Police and Sting Playlist).My questions are ‘How does Society impact you now with Credit Crunch?, various ISMS, statistical odds and probabilities, employment rates for disabled/mental illness. What kinds of things REALLY need to happen however improbable in order to survive’

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