Book 27out of 2000/’hundreds’ THE FIRST HUNDRED TARGET 2006

Current Count:( 28)Books


Thursday, 13 April 2006
8:34:47 PM

1. DAHL ‘On Democracy’ Yale Noto Bene Very good indeed, well written readable prose (Ac)
2. WEST AND WEST ‘Four Texts on Socrates, Plato, and Aristophanes’ MIT OCW. Political Theory Course(Ac)
3. BURKE EDMUND ‘Reflections of the Revolution in France’ Oxford World Classics. An old Political Theory Classic (Essex)(Ac)
4. MILLET KATE ‘The Loony Bin Trip’ Kates searingly honest, disturbing account of her forcible sections on account of her mental illness. A vivid account of how a Professor is stripped of her academic identity in order to ‘fufill’ the perceived ID forced on her by concerned relatives. A book to induce campaigning.(MH)
5. MARTEL YAN ‘The Life of Pi’ An absolutely riveting story of a young Zoo Keeper/Zoologists account of being marooned at sea with Richard x a Tiger. Storytelling to open ones eyes.(LG)
6. TREMAIN ROSE ‘Music and Silence’ An excellent account of a forbidden love affair conducted in the German courts.(LG)
7. WOOLF VIRGINIA ‘Orlando’ A book for all those in Supported Housing considering time travel and inhabiting various successful identities.(LG)
8. HOLLINGHURST ALAN ‘The Line of Beauty’ Gay Love and Deep friendships with our friends the aristos of Notting Hill.(LG)
9. ROY ARUNDATI ‘The God of Small Things’ Booker Winner. I DID NOT like this book I persevered all the same. Something about the prose-style.(LG)
10. AMIS MARTIN’ The War against Cliché’ Vintage Random . A top class read that can be used to guide you into other worthwhile literary endevours.
11. PULLMAN PHILIP’The Amber Spyglass’(LG) His reading and academic background show in the quality of the story and length and breadth of imagination. This was a later book I wasn’t aware of previous volumes to be read prior to Amber Spyglass.
12. TAYLOR GP’Shadowmancer’ Or the most evil side of vicars you have ever seen. A disturbing but inadequate account of evil in the Church. GP Taylor a God TV Rick Joyner Cross Rhythms friend is just the sort of writer they need in their crusade against us.
13. LEVY ANDREA ‘Small Island’ (LG) A riveting account of love between the races in seedy run down London lodgings.
14. TAN AMY ‘The Bonesetters Daughter’(LG) MIT OCW Autobiographical Genre Author. (Ac) Life amongst the Chinese Bonesetters.
15. GOFFMAN ERVING ‘Asylum’ (Ac) What else can you read in situ An account to illustrate the behaviours of inmates which I saw as the local community split into 2 camps:Pro Office and Anti.
16. GRIFFIN SUSAN ‘A Chorus of Stones’ A sweeping sensitive scholarly theoretical overview of autobiographical literature . Definitely worth a read and refer.(Ac MIT OCW Theory of Autobiography and Practice)
17. CONWAY JILL KER’When Memory Speaks:Reflections on Autobiography. Another wonderful volume from our academic friends at MIT OCW School of Writing and Humanistic Studies. (Ac MIT OCW).
18. PLATO ‘The Republic’ A Mummy Volume. (Extensive Libraries to raid). Platos Platonic Idealism results in many people being thrown on the scrapheap as Society worships at various altars (Youth Perfection etc No Breakdowns etc). I feel this is an inaccurate but challenging account given propensity of people to break down and worse. A Homework Volume.
19. ANGELOU MAYA ‘I know why a Caged Bird sings’ Virago(MIT OCW Autobiography( ibid) An inspiring account of a young woman who perchance has soared to heights one can only dream of (randomly however!) A true Heroine.
20. THODY PHILIP ‘A Biographical Introduction to Sartre’ Leaders in Modern Thought. A thorough commendation to the Biographical Introduction in showing you how a particular flava of don arrived at his or her philosophical and or theoretical conclusion. An eye opener.
21. SENNETT RICHARD ‘ The Corrosion of Character The Personal Consequences of Work in the New Capitalism’ Norton New York 1998 A magnificent but disturbing account of the New Capitalism and its consequences for character. Its enough to put you off the job market.
22. VOLTAIRE CANDIDE’ Wordsworth Classics Plain Vanilla Edition with minimal footnotes (Footnotes and Bibliography providing essential reading en route) A ‘Homework’ book like the Sennett above.
A book to use to’ scan ‘the University System and re-read again and again. This book has opened my eyes to what I shall call ‘academic sociology’ i.e Research based Sociology. And see it in action from the outside looking in.
24. GOLDTHORPE JOHN LOCKWOOD DAVID ‘THE AFFLUENT WORKER IN CLASS STRUTURE’ CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS CAMBRIDGE STUDIES IN SOCIOLOGY 3 1971 An excellent well written thesis of the phenomenon of the ‘affluent worker’ (might CHAVS and an increasingly aspirational working class mean this thesis is revised for 21C?). Lockwood and Goldthorpe demonstrate excellent scholarship, readable prose (cf C Wright Mills Sociological Imagination)and sound research basis. A book to learn from.
25. PLATH SYLVIA ‘The Bell Jar’ A First Class read. I am going to put Plath on my Reading List .
26. BAILEY TOM Eds ‘On Writing Short Stories’Part of MIT OCW Exploring Self in Society this book explains how to construct a short story (indeed write anyway per se novels etc) and then provides a fantastic selectoin illustrating its teachings. A very useful book and one which will aid the would be writer. Stories for discussion are first class too.
27 EHRENREICH BARBARA ‘Nickel and Dimed Undercover in Low Wage USA’ Granta 2002
A searing scholary but descriptive account of the conditions of low wage slaves in the USA who are doomed to a life structurally deprived of upward mobility ie in terms of energy and money. A real eye opener for those proponents of globalization. Sennett and Bauman enhancce this critique.
28 TOMALIN CLAIRE ‘The Life and Death of Mary Wollestonecraft’ Penguin 1972
I had it mind to read about Mary Wollestonecraft since I first heard of her achievements via my informal study of the French Revolution (History and Political Theory). The Tomalin book is my book of choice and it repaid my efforts. A scholarly well written volume which faithfully recalls Wollstonecraft Life and Death. What stands out for me is that she did what she did OUT OF NOTHING and got international acclaim for it. Wollstonecraft is like a Prophet that has no recognition in their own country but whose acclaim is posthumous meaning tragedy and sorrow affected her in life as well as death and in the midst of it a determination to leave her mark on Society. INITIAL REVIEW SUBJECT TO REVISION AND EDITING

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